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Kim Rodriguez

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My husband and I moved to Sierra Madre in 2005 and have loved it ever since. This town is such a hidden gem and something to be treasured and nurtured. I’m so grateful to be a new board member so that I can contribute to helping our village prosper and shine. 


Meet Kimberly Rodriquez  (Board Member since 2023)

March 11, 2024

Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

To give back to the community and help it thrive.


Where else do you volunteer?

I am a Commissioner on the Natural Resources Commission for Sierra Madre as well as Chairperson for the Energy and Demand Management Council in CA.


What’s your profession? 

I work for energy services consulting firm based in CA which operates across the country assisting Utilities in operationalizing programs that save their customer money on their bills while also supporting the clean energy transition. 


What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

A quaintness that is hard to find living in Los Angeles.


How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

19 years


What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

The friendless of the people and the “walkability” to everything you need.


What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?  

Corfu and Nano’s Café. Vic and Ray make these places special…and the food is great!


What’s your favorite local store and why?

Sierra Fitness - Sandy is the best Pilates teacher. Come join us!

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