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Much of what we all enjoy about living in Sierra Madre is actually the result of thousands of hours each year of people volunteering their time in everything from self-government, special events and youth sports to our Rose Float and Search & Rescue team. I’ve always believed it was everyone’s responsibility to in some way participate in that endeavor.

Meet Jeff Dapper ( Board Member since 2016)

December 18, 2023

Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

I agreed to serve on the board of the Foundation because at the time, Rob Stockly said they were looking for new Board Members and asked if I would be willing to join. I didn't know much about the SMCF at the time but when he explained to me what they did, it seemed an honor to serve the community in that capacity. 


Where else do you volunteer?

Over the years I have always tried to find some way to volunteer in town; Served one term on the Tree Commission, 2 years as Little League coach, 6 years as manager in Girls Softball, 5 years as manager in the Pony League & 8 years as its President, 2 years as Fourth of July parade organizer, the City's free handyman for seniors program and I've glued a few flowers on the Rose Float. 


What’s your profession? 

My career was in Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Property Management


What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

I was born and raised in Sierra Madre.


How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

Other than a few years here and there when I was young, I've lived in town for a total of 62 years. 


What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

My favorite aspect of Sierra Madre is how it's been able to resist all the various attempts to change it into something other than the small town, large extended family environment it's always been. 


What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?  

I like going to the Nano Cafe. The owners and staff are very nice. The food is good. It has a great bar to meet friends or watch a ball game and the occasional live music is always pretty good. 


What’s your favorite local store and why?

No doubt my favorite store is Arnold's Frontier Hardware, in large part due to the fact that it virtually the same as it was when I used to go there with my dad 60 years ago but also because the owner and staff are great, their prices are competitive with Home Depot and they have things the big box store don't have. Coming a close second would be The Bottle Shop for all the same reasons. 

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