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When my wife Sarah Jane and I moved from the Bay Area to Sierra Madre with our three young kids in 2004, we did not anticipate what deep roots we would put down here.  I can’t think of a better place to have raised our kids and been given the opportunity to have such a great group of friends in a community full of spirit, charm, and volunteerism.  I am excited to be on the Board of the SMCF so I can help Sierra Madre maintain these great qualities.

Meet Greg Harman (Board Member since 2020)

January 31, 2023

Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

To give back to the community in appreciation of what it has given me.


Where else do you volunteer?

I have been on the Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee since 2013. I also volunteer with an organization called Mano Y Mano Brigade, started during the pandemic, which hands out food to those in need.


What’s your profession? 

I historically have worked in the fin-tech industry but recently have been working with a Solar Installer located in Burbank. 


What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

The hills and the schools reminded us of where we lived in Northern California.   We saw in Sierra Madre the opportunity to raise our kids in the small town atmosphere we were looking for.  Driving around seeing kids running all over Kersting Ct  and all the local restaurants and beverage establishments sold us.


How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

19 years


What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

We have met great friends who kids are now great friends with our kids.


What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?  

Wistaria, Roe Fusion, Yui, and Perry's  Restaurants. 


What’s your favorite local store and why?

Arnold's Frontier Hardware rocks!  Can't believe how many things they have in that store!

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