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To retain a small town feel requires big work. I’m happy to jump in and do my part. My wife Shannon and I love Sierra Madre and feel a sense of responsibility to get involved.


Meet Frank Moore (Board Member Since 2016)


August 30, 2023


Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

Maintaining small communities takes time and hard work.  I’m willing to provide both. 

Where else do you volunteer?

Eaton Canyon Golf Club, Sierra Madre Historical Society, Foothill Unity Center

What’s your profession? 

Communications and Marketing.  Currently work for the So Cal Golf Association.

What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

Far from the big city hustle, yet close enough to scratch that occasional itch.

How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

14 years. Raised in Eagle Rock.

What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

People greet each other on walks, for the most part.  And we have so many wonderful locally owned businesses, including Taylor’s.       

What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?  

Poppy Cake Bakery.  Avocado toast and excellent hummus!

What’s your favorite local store and why?

The Bottle Shop has an amazing variety of whiskeys and tequila. 

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