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I have been a resident of Sierra Madre for 24 years. I've served on the SMCF since 2013. My husband and I believe in giving back to the community we both love. I have served on various boards in town from The Mt Wilson Trail Race Committee, Sierra Madre Conservancy, Sierra Madre Community Nursery School as well as Sierra Madre Girls' Softball. I love to run and hike in the local mountains. Sierra Madre is a true treasure and we feel blessed to raise our family here.

Meet Sharon Pevsner (Board Member since 2014)

April 11, 2023

Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

I enjoy being part of an organization that 

gives back to the community. This is my ninth and final year as a member of the SMCF


Where else do you volunteer?

I have served on several boards: Sierra Madre Community Nursery School, SMGSA, Mt Wilson Trail Race Committee, Mt Wilson Conservancy, and the Rose Float. My husband serves on the Planning Commission 


What’s your profession? 

I work in the medical field 


What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

Being an East Coast transplant, it reminds me so much of a small New England town!


How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

25 years


What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

Everything! I love being 5 min away from the beautiful trails, the quaint downtown with shops and restaurants and the fact that my kids are known wherever they go int own


What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?  

I like all the restaurants in town for a variety of different reasons! 


What’s your favorite local store and why?

Oh, I think Arnolds because there is always something to buy there!

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