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I am a non-profit leadership consultant with Executive Service Corps of Southern California. I enjoy living in Sierra Madre with my husband Mark and our retired racing greyhound Mia, supporting GreySave of Pasadena, and serving on the Board of the Sierra Madre Playhouse.

Eileen was recently highlighted in the Foundation's newsletterl

Meet Eileen Walker (Board Member Since 2021)

July 24, 2022


Why do you serve on the board of the SMCF?

The Sierra Madre Community Foundation provides a wonderful mechanism to support so many things that make Sierra Madre the special place that it is. I’m pleased to be able to lend a hand in fundraising efforts for the many different types of community improvements the Foundation supports, from the Mount Wilson Trail sign to the landscaping at the Post Office.


Where else do you volunteer?

The Sierra Madre Playhouse has long been one of my favorite places in Sierra Madre, and I serve as Vice President on the Playhouse Board. I’m also a leadership coach with Executive Service Corps of Southern California, and this year I’ve been working with helping with fundraising strategies. One of my favorite volunteer activities (when I get the chance) is being a part of Grey Save Pasadena Homecoming events, where retiring racing greyhounds from Aqua Caliente are brought up to Los Angeles. Volunteers set up a “Spa Day” to get the grey all freshened up, their medical needs are addressed, and then a very lucky family gets a new (and very fast!) family member. It’s always such a rewarding experience— as much for the volunteers as for the hounds!


What’s your profession? 

Non-profit executive


What attracted you to Sierra Madre?

Beantown and of course the Fourth of July Parade


How long have you lived in Sierra Madre?

We’ve lived in Sierra Madre since right before the Pandemic— it seems like a long time! 

We previously lived in beautiful Arcadia and Tucson Arizona before that.

What’s your favorite aspect of the town?

Sierra Madre is such a wonderful place to walk— I make it a point to walk as much as I can.  The gorgeous mountain scenery, the eclectic houses, and the plethora of flowers no matter what time of year make every day an adventure. 


What’s your favorite local restaurant and why? 

My favorite local restaurant is Syndicate Bakery, where I recently made the discovery that they make some of the best scones in Southern California. Lavender and honey— super dry and crumbly— simply wonderful. at’s your favorite local store and why?

My afternoon walks often include a stop at Taylor’s— fresh fruits and vegetables along with a smile and friendly hello. 

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